Building Relationships to Build Business

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If you want to join our community as a free basic member, this membership is for you.

You will:

     > Be able to create and edit your own custom basic member profile with name search-ability.
     > Have access to member only announcements, documents and be the first to learn about our various
        chapter launches, professional events, educational opportunities and possible business ventures.


If you want to join our community as a chapter member, this membership is for you.

You will:

     > Have exclusive industry representation for one business category in a live or virtual chapter.
     > Be featured on the website with an enhanced, searchable, SEO optimized Chapter Member profile.
     > Have Chapter Member-only Website access and functionality to post events on our community calendar.
     > Receive discounts and early access to conferences and all other DPWN sponsored events.
     > Connect with other members online in our “Members Only” closed Facebook Group.
     > Have the opportunity to become an author and share your story in an Overcoming Mediocrity book at the
        discounted member pricing.
     > Receive our DPWN New Member welcome kit with magnetic name badge.



If you want to harness the power of a mastermind to up-level your business? , this membership is for you.

You will:

     > Be aligned with an exclusive group of high performing entrepreneurs who all want to increase their impact
        and their income.
     > Have two monthly virtual mastermind meetings, where you will unite with the mastermind team to manifest
        affiliate relationships, unique and cutting edge strategies, exponential business growth and so much more.
     > Have one Hot Seat Session, where you will have the opportunity to garner the entire resources of your Mastermind
        Circle and Mastermind Circle Leader to make quantum leaps forward in your business.
     > Get honest feedback, advice, ideas and resources from individual and group brainstorming sessions.
     > Aspire to think bigger and rise up to the higher level members to create transformational results in your business
        and your life!
     >You will have SHEPRENEUR POWER!